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"Saadati Garden Cottage", Carmel By the Sea, April 2016


On April the 13 2016, The "Saadati Garden Cottage" got the historic and -Concept Design approval from the City of Carmel by the Sea Planning Department.
Here is the final presentation of the project.

Video Institucional


Edificio Murillo Toro - Ministerio de Comunicaciones de Colombia

10 Stunning Buildings in Colombia: An Architectural Trendsetter


Colombia is now at the forefront of Latin American architectural revelry. Political decisions to unify lower class favelas and upper class urban areas, in the cities of Medellin and Bogota, have been achieved through transportation easement and structural ingenuity. Necessity, education and art continue to intertwine, producing cultural advancement alongside marvelous architecture. Here are ten buildings that are significant to the history of Colombian architecture.

Charlas de los Miercoles

Bogotá, March 2012


Universidad de los Andes, Conference. "An approach to Contemporary Designs in Historical Sites", Arch. Manuel A. Guerrero.



Texts by Arch. Manuel Guerrero. 

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