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GLAZENER RESIDENCE: A Harmonious Fusion of History and Modernity at 420 Crocker Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA

As we embark on the journey of 2024, a year marked by anticipated changes and adjustments, the current reality prompts us to reassess our roles in the world. It presents an opportunity to strike a new balance between our possibilities and the reality we actively shape.

I am delighted to introduce my latest project, a creation born from profound reflections in late 2023. Nestled in the picturesque Pacific Grove, California, behind Asilomar, the Glazener Residence at 420 Crocker Avenue occupies a site of historical significance, initially envisioned by Julia Morgan—a pioneering female architect in the early 20th century. Her timeless vision provides a valuable lesson in harmonizing scale with the natural beauty of this privileged location.

The conception of a project is an intriguing journey, navigating through various stages. This preliminary design is a work in progress, expected to undergo numerous changes before the construction commences. However, it inherently embodies the need for manifestation, arising from the input and desires of my client, the unique characteristics of the site, and my personal creative process.

Proposed Site Plan - Option 1

I initiated this design process with a scientific understanding of the site and the city's regulations. Striving to strike a balance in the design—both evident and standard—I acknowledged the necessity to challenge and transcend certain rules from the outset.

Presented here are some site analysis schemes that form the foundation of this architectural endeavor.

In crafting this preliminary design, I explored multiple options, employing essentially the same floor plan layout. This serves as a testament to the inception of the project. I am confident that the construction design phase will reflect the entire journey, with a profound understanding of the location, adherence to regulations, and, most importantly, alignment with the needs of my client, who will ultimately savor the fruition of this project.

Designed by Manuel A. Guerrero in collaboration with Luis Alfonso Osorio for Land Use Planning Permitting, the Glazener Residence pays homage to femininity and the transformative power of creation. It encapsulates a pursuit of balance and harmony in architectural form, blending history with modernity in a captivating symphony of design.


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